Sunday, 2 November 2014

Goodbye October

And what a warm October it was. I'm still looking at my winter coat, waiting for it to be cold enough for me to don it and enjoy the warmth and beauty of it. It's taunting me, as it hangs on the door of my wardrobe, calling out to me to slip it on. Soon, my darling, soon.

I didn't write during October about my project progress but I'll happily highlight now how it went.

Diabetes- I feel like I'm back in control, that my levels aren't so sporadic and my hypos are less frequent. It's not in the best control yet, but each small victory is to be marked.

Image and self worth- Ooh you're a tricky demon to battle. I still can't look in a mirror for long, but I'm not convinced every look I get is for a negative reason. I had a very difficult month, and my self confidence has been slammed about a bit, but I can see my positive, the good things about me. And perhaps, just perhaps, they outweigh the negatives.

Food- Hello wonderful, varied food! I don't get so bored and such with meals, and my snacks are varied and I don't beat myself up if I really don't fancy anything other than porridge for dinner at times. I'm balanced, content and have a much better relationship with my sustenance...

Be Happy- I've been as happy as circumstances have allowed me. I've had major depression issues in the month of October, and whilst I'm far from better, I'm heading the right direction. I can't pretend the world is full of fluffy clouds and unicorns, when there is barbed wire and thorns waiting to catch you. Yet I will admit, that whilst it pours, the odd glimpse of colour makes it all a little easier to carry on forward...