Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New year, New challenges.

So; Christmas is over, the new year promises have been made and broken and February is a matter of days away. I now automatically write 2015 as the date, as I have a pretty good idea of what day is what again, instead of it all being blurred together in food and festive times.

This month has been hectic. For me, January is a blur of appointments, as I catch up with various specialists and see if and how my lovely collection of quirks and complications are behaving. Yet, this year I have attended them with a different attitude, a much more independent one. This year I shall do more than just live day to day and purely exist in a state of being. this year I will shine. I have taken time and with the help of some truly wonderful friends, I fixed my CV and began to work on a totally amazing and enticing LinkedIn profile. I want to work. I loved working, and I had to take an enforced break, which was good as it gave me time to devote to my health and to getting better, to getting stronger. Now though, I am ready for change. Internships are being hunted down, and I reckon I can now write a pretty sharp cover letter if I do say so myself. Somewhere out there is the perfect job and for some company, I am the ideal candidate.

I turn 30 this year. I'm also truly excited by this, as to me it is the next chapter of my life, and one I will embrace and fill with memories and achievements. I have a little list of what I want to achieve in the next ten months, and I will dedicate time to these, as they happen. But for now, hello 2015, my name is Sam and I am determined to shine.