Monday, 30 September 2013

The Blog; The Blogger

I am a girl who often starts projects, and in time they fall to the wayside, forgotten and forlorn. I've decided this pattern happened as I always tried to focus too much on one element, therefore felt that certain ramblings and such didnt fit, so they weren't going to be written. This was stupid. Very, very stupid. So, I have decided to try again. As you do.

Before, I've had blogs dedicated to food (mainly) but this time I want it to be a bit of most things. I say most, because there are some thoughts and such that really shouldn't be shared with a trillion strangers on the internet and that could possibly lead to a truly theatrical downfall, or just leave you going arse over tit and making a twat of yourself.  This is another of my little spots in the blackhole that is social media and blogging, and this time I will try and do it right. (what is right by the way, I dunno).

I guess I could start with a "HELLO THIS IS ME" kinda thing, but thats not really my style. I'll do that in fits and starts, and over time this will shape up to be some sort of semi decent blog. I Hope. What I will say is that it wont juwst be about food, even though I do an awesome food blogpost. It'll also be a bit about my conditions, the stuff I live with and go through, to help me understand what I have, let alone anyone else, but if it spreads awareness, then in my eyes its a good thing. There will be talks of films, books and music, of days out and days in. Good stuff and bad. As I said, my little corner of the infinitive space that we call, the web.

The next 31 days I will be embarking on what I have called #ProjectOctober.
 You what now? I hear some mumble. I have decided that seeing as my birthday is looming *coughcough25Novembercoughcough*  that I want to take a month and focus on a project. Me. I am my own project. So what does it entail?
  • Food; Glorious, wonderful, nutritional food. I have messed about with most diets on the planet, and like a vast majority I end up failing and walking away. I will be doing a proper post about this aspect of it in the near future.
  • Feelings; Sounding hippy like yet? I don't mean I'm going to psychoanalyse myself, but I am going to focus on how things make me feel, and if I'm unhappy, do something about it.
  • Finances; Hello pretty pennies, oh. Bye pretty pennies. This sucks. Big time.
  • Fitness and Fatigue; Will divulge in depth soon. Maybe.
I'm not planning on becoming a bore and cutting out everything in life I enjoy, but perhaps evaluate. I like a good evaluation in the evening. Especially if wine and music can be involved.